Friday, June 17, 2011

Time to get this party started!

I started this blog about a month ago, but have not done anything with it since. Well, there's many good reasons for that - various family issues have come up.

However, those problems have been resolved, equilibrium restored, and I'm ready to get to serious work on my annotations, and on this blog.

I know my Kindle readers can't listen to audio on their kindles, but get on your computer and go to:

This is BBC Radio 4 Extra, a digital radio station from England, and this link will bring you to Unnatural Death, episode 1, starring Ian Carmichael.

It is a full dramatization in 6 parts.

There's 3 days left to listen to this first episode, and all the other eps are available to listen to now.

If you've never heard Ian Carmichael's version of Lord Peter Wimsey, you're in for a treat!

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