Saturday, August 13, 2011


Finally got my computer back!

Here's the next few paragraphs.... with the annotations starting tomorrow with "moor." So that's something to look forward to!

I don't know what he did before he joined in 1914. I think he lived on his income; his father was well off. Crack shot, good at games, and so on. I never heard anything against him—till that evening.”
The Coroner: “What was that?”
Duke of D.: “Well—the fact is—it was deuced queer. He——If anybody but Tommy Freeborn had said it I should never have believed it.” (Sensation.)
The Coroner: “I'm afraid I must ask your grace of what exactly you had to accuse the deceased.”
Duke of D.: “Well, I didn't—I don't exactly accuse him. An old friend of mine made a suggestion. Of course I thought it must be all a mistake, so I went to Cathcart, and, to my amazement, he practically admitted it! Then we both got angry, and he told me to go to the devil, and rushed out of the house.” (Renewed sensation.)
The Coroner: “When did this quarrel occur?”
Duke of D.: “On Wednesday night. That was the last I saw of him.” (Unparalleled sensation.)
The Coroner: “Please, please, we cannot have this disturbance. Now, will your grace kindly give me, as far as you can remember it, the exact history of this quarrel?”

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